Companion MRI is the only dedicated, full time Veterinary MRI Center located in Central Connecticut.

If you were having seizures, couldn't use your arms/legs, pain when walking, had something that shows up on an xray or ultrasound that could not be diagnosed without further imaging, your doctor would most likely send you for an MRI. The same care is available for your pet. An MRI can give your Veterinarian the information they need to properly treat the problem and many times save the life of your pet.

At Companion MRI, our goal is to get the most accurate diagnosis for your pet. We work directly with your Veterinarian and strive to make MRI scans accessible and affordable. 

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CICNE (Companion MRI)
993 North Main Street
West Hartford, Connecticut 06117

Phone: 860.586.8610
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Fax: 860.586.8619

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